As a club we prioritise the safety of our members. As such we are following guidelines outlines by Archery GB and the UK Government.

Further details can be found at The Archery GB COVID19 page

About Us

We are a thriving Archery club in the Cambridge (UK) area that shoot together very regularly.

We welcome both beginners and seasoned archers into the club. For more information on the sort of club we are, read our About page, and for details on how to join, please see our Contact Us page. See the Beginners page to discover what we provide to train beginners.

We provide taster "have-a-go" sessions for a fun and novel corporate or group event day.

In normal times, club shoots three times a week, summer & winter.

We are associated with ArcheryGB, Southern Counties Archery Society, World Archery and Cambridgeshire Archery Association

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Our history

David and Ann English dreamed up Netherhall Archers in 2001. It is called Netherhall because that is what the area was called in days gone by. The name choice had nothing to do with the name of the school where we shoot!

David wore an arrowhead on a chain around his neck and the club badge was designed to emulate that arrow head. They personally bought the initial equipment needed to get the club up and running. The club had eight founder members and initially they shot on a Saturday morning once a week in the outdoor season.

The club had a brilliant first year, with few days when we couldn't shoot on a Saturday, on the small field beside the Sports Hall at the Netherhall school.

The club built up members and managed to hire the indoor facility once a week too. We were given space in the large container for a while and, after we had been running for a couple of years, we applied for a National Lottery Grant that enabled us to buy the small container and a lot of training bows for new archers.

The University Archers used to come and shoot with us indoors and helped with their target fees to build up the Club.



Every year we elect the the members of the committee. The current members of our committee are:

  • Emma Williams
    Chair person

  • Matt Stafford

  • Diana Cox

  • Adam Pettigrew
    Junior Rep

  • Emma de Mos
    Junior Rep

  • Aaron Smith
    Junior Rep