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Maggie Coaching

Intensive Maggie-lead sessions
Maggie has again kindly agreed to come along as our lead coach, with other coaches in the team acting as assistants. Pricing remains the same at £30 per person, per session (as it has now for over two years) and we think it represents great value for money. The club doesn't make anything on the coaching (many clubs price their coaching to generate revenue, we don't). Your coaching fees pay for Maggie, the venue and a little bit towards wear & tear on equipment. The club coaches, give their time for free.
OK, so the dates are:-
  • OctSunday 19th
  • Nov Sunday 16th
  • Dec Sunday 21st
  • Jan Sunday 18th
  • Feb Sunday 22nd
  • Mar Sunday 22nd
Following our current format, each day consists of two sessions and in order to give maximum coach 'contact' each session will be three hours long and limited to four people. So four people in the late morning session and four people in the mid-afternoon session. If we have a big uptake then we have the option of running an additional session earlier in the morning but we'll hold off that for the moment.
Please don't think that this is only for very experienced archers. Everybody, whatever their standard, will benefit. In fact you might say that novices and intermediate archers stand to get the most as establishing good technique at this stage will be a huge help as you progress.
Those who have been coached by her already will confirm that Maggie is fabulous. Her knowledge, commitment, humour and 'style' are spot on and remember that she has a strong background in coaching juniors having been part of the coaching team for the GB junior squad. If you're interested in finding out a little more about her background I can recommend you take a look at her website
All you need to do now is Email me to reserve a place and let me know which dates and session(s) (morning or afternoon) you'll be attending. Once a place has been allocated, payment as soon as possible will be needed to confirm it.
Development Unit
Following the positive feedback from our initial trial run of the development unit over last winter season, we've decided that it would be great to do it again this winter. We're planning on improving the content and delivery so that if you're new to it, or returning for a second cycle, the dev. unit will be tailored to reflect that. More details to follow as we get closer to the start of the indoor season. As last time, the dev. unit will be run as a 1hr session immediately before one of the week-night practices.
Lastly… A little story… Mary and I went to a weekend coaching clinic a few years ago where the subject of equipment came up. The senior coach running the weekend was answering a question about what bit of kit was the best and how much you should spend on equipment. His response was that the best equipment in the world would likely add a few points to an archers score, but coaching will add hundreds of points. Mary and I can vouch for that. Spending money on good coaching is the best investment you can make in your archery, much more valuable than the latest bit of kit.
As always… any questions please don't hesitate to ask.