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Junior National Indoor Championships/National Indoor Championships

Entry is now open for the National Indoor Championships; you can enter through Sport80 accessible through the AGB members portal. Junior Championships (Portsmouth) and Back to Back 30th November and 1st December the National Indoor Championships (WA18) and will again be held at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire.

Fine weather for our EOM this month

Lat month's EOM shoot had to be abandoned because of high winds and awful weather, so it was great that this month's event had wonderful sunshine!

Archery GB Workshops

I am excited to announce Archery GB are holding 2 workshops in Cambridge at the Hills Road 6th Form Sports Field. The workshops are recurve set-up and tuning run by Lloyd Brown former USA and GB Olympic Coach and compound set-up and tuning run by Kieran Carr Archery GB Paralympic Technician. Booking for these events is now available through Sport80. This is a great opportunity to learn from experts in their field. If you don’t already have a Sport80 account please use the link below and click “To login please click here” this will take you to the Sport80 page, then click “Don’t have an account”. Fill in all the required details and you will then be sent a verification email, follow the instructions on the email and you should then have an account.