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Netherhall Archers Chosen to be a Performance Club

Netherhall Archers have been working hard with Archery GB to join the small set of clubs that have a Performance Specialism. Fourteen clubs in the UK have been identified for this: seven of which have now achieved this status, and the remaining seven are working towards it.

Netherhall Archers has achieved this status! Congratulations to the club as a whole. Our thanks go to the members of the Committee who have been working hard to get this recognition from Archery GB.

This is how Archery GB describe it:

  • Performance clubs strive to improve the performance of archers, coaches and officials, on a consistent basis.
  • A performance club is open to new ideas and seeks to create an environment that encourages excellence.
  • They want archers, coaches, judges and volunteers to achieve their potential and satisfy their own goals.
  • Performance clubs will assist in establishing a culture of performance development and works at a local level for archery in clubs, schools and community settings.
  • Over time Performance clubs will work to improve the overall standard of archers as they move along the talent pathway.

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