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The best day of my life...

When one of our junior members (Caitlin) was asked by her teacher to write about the best day of her life, we were delighted to hear she'd decided to use the experience of her first ever competition as inspiration.

We checked with Caitlin and her Mum & Dad and they kindly agreed to let us reprint it here exactly as she wrote it.

The best day of my life

The best day of my life is when I did my first archery competition. This is where it began.

Saturday 8 of June 2013

I got out of my bed at 7am and left the house at 8am. We drove to Peterborough (me, my mum and my dad) it took us about 1 hour. I felt really nervous I didn’t want to go but my mum said you will love it when you get there. Eventually we got there it looked very airy but smelt a bit of cow poo because of the field next door.

We had an hour to settle in while my dad was setting up our equipment. I was wondering around and tucking into some of the little nibbles that were meant for our lunch.

Once every one was there the people that run the shoot called us over and talked through the rules and the time table of the day. Then the competition was on!!! Everyone was very eager but I was really excited and nervous at the same time. I was excited because I wanted to win a medal and nervous because it was my first ever competition so my heart was pumping fast.

After a couple of arrows were shot I felt more comfortable and relaxed and began to enjoy the shooting. And before I knew it, it was lunch time. We had a half an hour break and then we were back shooting but shooting at another distance. First I shot at 30yrds, and then I shot at 20yrds.

When the shoot was finished we all took down our bows and gathered round for the medal ceremony. I was crossing my fingers while waiting for the results to be announced. It took them half an hour to figure out the results. It was a nerve-wracking wait but soon they called the results out.

They said “The Under 12 Girls winner goes to………..Caitlin Jacobs

I was delighted to be presented with the Gold Medal.

And that was one of the best days of my life.