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Netherhall Archers World Archery Weekend

Incorporating Cambridgeshire Archery Association Outdoor Championship

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Jun 18, 2016 07:15 AM to
Jun 19, 2016 06:00 PM


Hills Road Sports Field, Sedley Taylor Road, Cambridge CB2 2PW

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After the huge success of our two-day event in 2015, Netherhall Archers are pleased to announce that we will be hosting a similar event in 2016.

Download this PDF file for more information on the event and for the entry form.

This event will incorporate the Cambridgeshire Archery Association (CAA) Championship on the Sunday.

On the Saturday we will have a WA50 (for compounds), WA60 (for juniors) and WA70 (for recurves) plus a head-to-head competition in the afternoon. The morning round is 6 dozen arrows at the distance in the title i.e. juniors will be shooting 60m. Your score will give you a ranking for the afternoon, which is a knock-out round.

On the Sunday we will be running WA1440 plus all metric rounds 1 to 5. For each round, you will shoot 3 dozen arrows at 4 distances, starting with the furthest distance and working closer throughout the day.

The round you will shoot depends upon your age and sex. Each round within archery, is grouped A to G. The tables attached show what group an archer needs to be shooting at, for their age and gender. I've also indicated which rounds we'll be hosting at the summer competition (19th June), for each group and what they entail.

For example, a junior gent aged 13 would need to shoot a group E round, which is the Metric III. This is 3 dozen arrows at each distance 50m (122cm face), 40m (122cm face), 30m (80cm face) & 20m (80cm face).

Please note that if you are over 50, you can opt to shoot the Masters category which means for gents shooting a Metric 1 and for ladies shooting a Metric 2. You do not have to enter as a Master, but it is available to you.

You can also claim badges. The badges on offer can be found at the following address:

Following on from last year, we have more bosses on offer and there will be bosses available for each round. It is a great competition and if you've not entered a competition before, it is a wonderful way to experience your first competition.

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